The first experience in the United Kingdom of using the novel treatment uromune® in men with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
BAUS ePoster online library. Yang B.
Jun 26, 2018; 211355
Mr. Bob Yang
Mr. Bob Yang
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Introduction: UTIs are the most common infections worldwide, affecting significant numbers of men. Men with recurrent UTIs often rely on prolonged courses of antibiotics.
The alarming rise of antibiotic resistance (described as one of the biggest risks to global health in our lifetime) has triggered a Global Action Plan from the WHO, providing a pressing need to find viable alternatives. We present the first experience in the UK of the immunomodulating live-attenuated sublingual bacterial vaccine Uromune® in a preliminary cohort of men with recurrent UTIs.

Method: 14 men (mean: 65years, range: 44-84) with recurrent UTIs received 3 months of Uromune®. 2 men had significant PVRs, 1 had a Mitrofanoff and 1 had bladder neck stenosis post prostatectomy. All 5 perform ISC regularly. Follow-up for up to 12 months was by a specialist phone consultation and an ongoing number. No antibiotic prophylaxis was used throughout.

Results: All 14 men completed treatment. 10/14 (71%) reported no UTIs during the treatment and follow-up. Of the 4 men with recurrences, one had significant PVR and one had bladder neck stenosis.There were no reported side effects.

Conclusions: This initial cohort suggest that Uromune® is safe and effective in men with recurrent UTIs, offering a potentially viable alternative to antibiotic prophylaxis. Uromune® is effective in men with structural abnormalities, but less compared to a normal urinary tract, though the numbers are small. These preliminary results supports the creation of an international multi-centre trial to further investigate Uromune® in larger groups of men with longer follow-ups.
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