Pilot trial of a device to remotely monitor and asses voiding
BAUS ePoster online library. Mosli-lynch C.
Jun 27, 2018; 211371
Mr. Conor Mosli-lynch
Mr. Conor Mosli-lynch
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Introduction: SonoUroFlowmetry (SUF), though not as accurate as conventional UroFlowmetry, does have the advantage of being able to be carried out numerous times a day in the patient's own home. Studies have shown that SUF is approximately 70-80% accurate in estimating Qmax, total voiding time and voided volume.

Methods: This study examines a device, invented by the author, that records a patient's SUF curve whenever they pass urine in their own bathroom. The data are then anonymously transmitted via a patient's smartphone or home router to a cloud-based monitoring system where they are analysed. The reports can be then accessed by the patient's Urologist or Family Doctor. We examined whether the device was able to accurately differentiate between SUF curve and background noise- and compared the curve to conventional UroFlowmetry.

Results: The device was successful in differentiating between the sound of voiding and background noise, with recording being triggered by a motion sensor. SUF accuracy when compared to conventional UroFlowmetry was similar to previously published literature.

Conclusion: SUF has the advantages of being able to identify trends in UroDynamics as well as being carried out in a more comfortable and familiar setting. By combining multiple SUF curves over time, this system can build up an accurate, 'time-stamped' voiding diary that can be used by the Urologist to direct and asses the effect of future treatments.
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